Cocina 7

Tacos/Burritos/Hippy Bowls/Specialty Foods

Cocina 7 is an evolving roadside attraction project that includes tacos, burritos, side dishes, specialty foods, beer, wine, cider, local art, and music! We have a lovely garden for eating and enjoying mountain scenery.



Weedfence Magazine available to order now!

I've been meaning to make this magazine for five years. There are just so many fences this year, it seemed like the time was ripe. The magazine treats the fences as art. There is no commentary, just imagery. All photos are taken from public roads following legal guidelines. There are no landmarks in the pictures that identify specific locations. Copies will be available at Cocina 7 in about two weeks. You can order right now through the link below.

Cocina 7 Re-opens Feb 11, 2016

Cocina 7 is reopening on Thursday February 11, 2016. We've had 40 days to rest, re-examine, and recharge. Although nothing has changed in the outward appearance of the restaurant, we have spent a great deal of thought and work on the systems that make our business function. We have also considered the changing demographics of the Williams, Applegate, and Rogue Valleys, and what that mean to us. We're excited to chart our course in the evolving world of food over the next several years.

Please note that we are starting again with a small staff and therefore have an abbreviated schedule and menu for the time being. Please be patient as we train and work toward improving our systems before we throw open the floodgates. We're in it for the long game, so please be patient in the short term. Until we post otherwise here and on FB, our hours will be:

M-W 11 am-4 pm, Th 4-10 pm

Thanks and hope to see you soon!


Cocina 7 Closed in January 2016

We have decided to close for January to catch our breath, do some work in the building, and regroup at the most basic level. We're 3 1/2 years into this endeavor and it's good, a little too good! For some time, we've felt like Cocina is a runaway horse and we are hanging on for the ride. That said, we are excited to rein in the crazy steed, re-imagine what we want from this venture and create a vision that suits us for the future.

Fresh Organic GMO-free Corn Tortillas at Cocina 7

We are now making fresh organic, GMO-free corn tortillas at Cocina 7. We have both yellow corn and blue corn tortillas. The organic yellow corn tortillas are $4 per dozen and the organic blue corn tortillas are $5 per dozen.  Please inquire at 541-846-6666 for availability, larger quantities, and standing orders.

Cocina 7 Taqueria and Cafe Gets New Website

It's been a long time coming and we're finally putting together our website. The first row was long but we done hoe'd it! Cocina 7, Eastern Josephine County's premier Taqueria, turned one year old on June 4th and now we're moving into the retail product development, with our first products being our popular Salsa Verde, our Habanero-Prickly Pear Hot Sauce, and Organic White Corn Tortillas. The sauces are available now; the tortillas are in prototype phase. Our La Bodega page will feature our products as we roll them out. Thanks to our friends in Williams, Oregon and beyond for supporting us in our first year. Hope to see you soon.