Cocina 7

Tacos/Burritos/Hippy Bowls/Specialty Foods/Antiques/Records

Cocina 7 is an evolving roadside attraction project that includes tacos, burritos, side dishes, specialty foods, beer, wine, cider, as well as antiques and records. We have a lovely garden for eating and enjoying mountain scenery.

Tues 4-8, Thurs 4-9

Cocina 7 Closed in January 2016

We have decided to close for January to catch our breath, do some work in the building, and regroup at the most basic level. We're 3 1/2 years into this endeavor and it's good, a little too good! For some time, we've felt like Cocina is a runaway horse and we are hanging on for the ride. That said, we are excited to rein in the crazy steed, re-imagine what we want from this venture and create a vision that suits us for the future.